10-year-old boy has a meeting with a major airline CEO, after penning a letter asking for advice


The announcement comes as the chief executive met with Alex Jacquot, the 10-year-old CEO of prospective airline “Oceania Express”; who previously penned a letter to Joyce asking for advice on how to run a passenger carrier. The letter, tweeted out by Qantas earlier this month, received over 29,000 retweets.

Joyce responded to Jacquot in February — after the budding entrepreneur asked Joyce to take his advice request seriously — adding that Qantas wanted to set up a CEO-to-CEO exchange to discuss Jacquot’s aviation questions further.

On Thursday, Qantas revealed that the “much-anticipated” meeting between executives of both airlines had taken place, with topics such as aircraft types, in-flight catering and long-haul flights having been discussed.

“In his letter, Alex asked me to take him seriously. So we did,” said Joyce, adding that it’s “hard not to be impressed by his enthusiasm. The aviation industry needs people who think big and Alex has that in spades.”

With a desire to build upon this relationship between the two Australian carriers, Qantas announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding, for both airlines to cooperate from 2026, which is when Jacquot would finish high school — subject to regulatory approval, of course. Joyce added that the date may be pushed back, if Jacquot chose to attend university.


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