1,000 Muslim refugees flee homes after Sri Lanka retaliation attacks


Around 1,000 Muslim refugees in Sri Lanka have been forced from their homes in retaliatory attacks following the Easter Sunday bombings, according to Human Rights Watch.

Mobs threatened to destroy the houses of Afghans, Pakistanis and Iranians – most of whom are part of minority Muslim sects such as the Ahmadiyya – who had fled to Sri Lanka after suffering persecution in their homelands.

Some also reported that they had been beaten up by gangs wielding sticks and stones.

A small number of Christian refugees from the three countries have also been caught up in attacks through mistaken identity.

“The people in Pakistan attacked us and say we’re not Muslims,” said Tariq Ahmed, a 58-year-old Pakistani Ahmadiyya told Associated Press.

“Then in Sri Lanka, people attack us because they say we are Muslims.”

Around 650 refugees have sought shelter at a mosque in the city of Pasyala, near Negombo.


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