£3.5million diamond scam case collapses after CPS star witness discredited by judge as 'wholly misleading'


“I have seen one email in which he appeared not to be asking an expert for his view on particular matters but telling him exactly what he wanted in the statement and even suggesting the wording,” he said.

Ager’s lack of qualifications only came to light after the defence made four applications made four applications to exclude his evidence. All four had been opposed by the prosecution.

The case comes in the wake of prosecution disclosure failures that lead to the collapse of several high-profile sex cases. However Narita Bahra QC, who represented Mr Sulley, said outside court:“There is a public perception that disclosure failures are limited to cases involving sexual offences. But the reality is that they are not.

“The onus shouldn’t be put on a good defence team to alert the prosecution to the failures in their case.”

The case had been brought against eight defendants – Steven Sulley, 33,

Ashley Hunte, 37, David Pierce, 32, Christopher Woolcott, 37, Christopher Chapman, 31, Marcus Allen, 31, Lewis Deakin, 28, and Daniel Martin, 42, all of whom denied the charges of fraud.

It was alleged that the defendants, through five companies – Pure Carbon Limited, Clearview Partnership Ltd, Venturelife Ltd, Maximum Global Ltd, Carbon Green Capital LLP and Agora Capital Ltd – had persuaded 72 “inexperienced” investors to invest more than £3.5million in carbon credits and diamonds.


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