A just monument to the Trump presidency: Bury the 500,000 COVID dead at Mar-a-Lago

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How can we honor the more than half-million Americans who lost their lives to COVID-19 while marking former President Donald Trump’s shameless failure to “preserve, protect and defend” this country and its Constitution? 

Easy. Let’s bury the dead at Mar-a-Lago.

This small measure of justice would have an obvious historical precedent. Arlington, the former home of Robert E. Lee that is now Arlington National Cemetery, became a final resting place for Union soldiers in the spring 1864 — after 82,000 soldiers died in one month of fighting. Who could argue this wasn’t a just punishment? Lee had abandoned his post in the U.S. Army to lead the army of what Frederick Douglass called the “slaveholders’ rebellion.” 

Lee’s treachery was obvious. Trump’s crimes against his country, however, are far more devious, and continue as he remains dedicated to undermining our democracy. The ex-president tried to refuse to give up his power, even after he was defeated in a fair election. And you cannot dissect the ex-president’s incitement against Congress, his vice president and our constitutional order from his monstrous approach to the pandemic.

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