A QUARTER of British women have fantasised about sex with another woman, compared to 16% of blokes


A QUARTER of British women have fantasised about sex with another woman, compared to just 16 per cent of blokes.

The data, from a study of 3,129 ladies by opinion consultant Joe Twyman, showed 24 per cent of women fantasised about a same-sex romp – but only nine per cent had actually acted on this.

Mary Portas was married with two kids before falling in love with fashion editor Melanie Rickey
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Whereas just 16 per cent of men have dreamed about sex with another bloke – and 14 per cent of these had actually done it.

YOU Magazine reported on the results in an investigation into sexual fluidity in women – particularly those who left their male partners for a lesbian relationship in their 50s.

Professor of psychology Lisa Diamond told them: “If you have lived your life focusing on being a good wife and mother, it’s easy to set aside your own desires (certainly, our culture doesn’t encourage women to prioritise their sexual desires).

“But it is also the case that sexual desire is a dynamic, changeable phenomenon, and it is possible to develop truly novel desires at any stage of life.”

A quarter of women have fantasised about having sex with another woman, like Cynthia Nixon
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In the world of showbiz, later-life lesbian relationships aren’t uncommon.

Queen of Shops Mary Portas, 58, fell in love with fashion editor Melanie Rickey after her divorce from husband Graham, with whom she has two kids.

While Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson, 48, had an 18-year relationship with TV director Charles Martin before meeting her now partner Sue Perkins at a party in 2013.

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon, 53, had two kids with her high school sweetheart Danny Mozes before meeting wife Christine Marionini in 2004.

And actress Portia De Rossi, 46, was married to filmmaker Mel Metcalfe before falling for wife Ellen DeGeneres in 2008.

But Lisa says ‘coming out’ later in life is not without its challenges.

“I think it can definitely be harder for older women to tell their friends they are in a same-sex relationship,” she said, adding our friends and family often “have a pretty rigid notion of who you are” by the time you hit a certain age.

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