A small downturn in the economy is nothing to fear — the only way is up


Only way is up

NOBODY is pretending the GDP figures represent brilliant news. But spare us the Remainer glee at a small downturn in the economy.

The joy with which these people greet even the slightest negative news is absurd. It’s especially odd from MPs who — you might think — would be at least vaguely interested in the job prospects of their constituents.

No one is pretending the GDP figures are brilliant— but don’t let the doom-mongers get you down
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Truth is that leading forecasters simply don’t expect recession. Not the IMF, not the Bank of England, not the City.

The most likely explanation for the bump in the road announced yesterday is that firms had stockpiled in the first quarter of the year, and had no reason to double up on purchases in the second.

Because, hard as it is to believe, we were meant to be leaving Europe in March…

The Chancellor has already made clear that we will see a huge jump in infrastructure investment towards the end of the year, and that’s a sign of confidence in Britain’s future as a thriving global economy.

That, along with announcements like Boris offering a heartier welcome to the world’s top scientists, is far more important than a single, out-of-context number.

We’ve still got a host of world-leading industries, a hugely skilled workforce and unparalleled soft power. Don’t let the doom-mongers get you down. There are lots of reasons to be positive.

Chancellor Sajid Javid has hinted at at a huge jump in infrastructure investment
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Bias at Beeb

THE BBC’s bias is clear as day. Two prime spots on its flagship news programme yesterday went to Joseph Stiglitz and Chuka Umunna to spout largely unchallenged Brexit nonsense.

Stiglitz is a left-wing academic who thinks that Jeremy Corbyn is the answer to Britain’s problems. You’d expect an economist of all people to know that wherever Marxism has been tried, it’s failed. Spectacularly.

Two prime spots on the BBC’s news programme went to Joseph Stiglitz and Chuka Umunna to spout largely unchallenged Brexit nonsense.

As for Chuka, a man who has never seen a microphone he doesn’t like, we have heard quite enough.

His sole motivation isn’t stopping Brexit, it’s getting on TV. Perhaps after the kicking he’ll receive at the ballot box from his constituents he might consider reality TV — if he’s as flexible as his principles he’ll be a shoo-in for Strictly.

The Beeb is supposed to be a public broadcaster. That’s a public that voted to leave the EU. Something Auntie should remember.

We’ve heard enough from Chuka, his sole motive is getting on TV
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Labour pains

JEREMY Corbyn can’t make his mind up.

Last month Mark Sedwill and the Civil Service were the nasty folk spreading vicious rumours about the Magic Grandpa’s doddery health.

Jeremy Corbyn can’t make his mind up, the man is certainly unfit for office
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This month they’re the hardy anti-No Deal warriors, bravely standing up to that nasty Boris. Which is it?!

Corbyn, and Labour, are unfit for office and unfit for Government.



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