Accountant, 26, jailed for tricking ex’s new girlfriend into sending naked pics and posting them online


A JEALOUS accountant who tricked her ex’s new girlfriend into sending her nude pictures before posting them online has been jailed for four months.

Former convent schoolgirl Blerina Dobla, 26, posed as a male model during internet exchanges with the 23-year-old and deliberately tagged her friends and family in the embarrassing internet posts.

Blerina Dobla posed as an attractive man to get her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend so send intimate photos

This week she was sentenced at Camberwell Green Magistrates court and a five-year restraining order for the attacks in 2017 over almost a year.

It came after she pleaded guilty to charges of sending a communication of an indecent or offensive nature in January two years ago and sending a shower video to the victim’s friends and family.

Her victim said that the online attacks caused her to lose two-and-a-half stone, quit her job and consider committing suicide.

She said: “All of my hard work was knocked down for someone’s entertainment, publicly displaying images without my consent has been like torture to humiliate me.


“At first the control began with having to reply instantly and sending photos of what I was wearing to who I thought was Will Gregor who would decide if my outfit met with his approval.

“I had to say where I was going and prove where I was by sending pictures and send ‘before and after’ pictures of my food because in his words he was ‘disgusted’ with me because of my weight.

“He would tell me my parents did not care for me like he did and I did my best to avoid what made ‘Will’ angry.

“I stayed in my room at weekends and became a social recluse and I gave up on ever getting out of the vicious circle my life was in.

The messages were horrible, tearing apart my looks and personality. I had mentally and physically given up


“The messages were horrible, tearing apart my looks and personality. I had mentally and physically given up.

“I began to think it might be my fault and deserved it and was so weak that suicidal thoughts began.”

After leaving her job when the first video was posted on social media, Dobla’s victim tried to take her life because she felt ‘trapped’ and as though her body ‘were no longer mine’.

Police arrested Dobla, who lives in Richmond, in February at work after they traced her, and seized her phone so they could view her internet history but she lied it was nothing to do with her.

District Judge Karim Ezzat said: “She bullied and coerced these images and published them.

“The impact on the victim has been devastating and she says this has ruined her life.

“The most telling thing was your client saying she was suffering depression and anxiety once she got caught and was worrying about what would happen to her.

Dobla will be sentenced on June 28
Dobla created a fake persona online to carry out her cruel plan
Blerina went to the Catholic Gumley House Convent School in Hounslow, West London


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