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Adil Ray shut down by Tobias Elwood over Labour 'glossing over facts' in school meal row

Good Morning Britain viewers saw Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins going through the biggest headlines of the day whilst also being joined by a range of guests. As ever, there was plenty of opportunity for debate in the programme, with the hosts joined by Tobias Elwood and Esther Rantzen to discuss the recent row over free school meals. With Elwood coming onto the show to express his “regret” over the decisions made, he soon clashed with Ray after the guest’s thoughts turned to the Labour Party.

The vote last week saw 322 Conservative MPs vote against the extension of free school meals for children over the school holidays 

However, this morning saw one big Tory name welcomed onto GMB with host Charlotte Hawkins asking if he now “regretted that vote.”

And Elwood explained his reasoning, commenting: “The vote itself was very undignified, Labour spelt this out quite late in the day to suggest you’re in support of free school meals or somehow you wanted to starve children.

“It wasn’t the way politics should be done, they glossed over the fact there’s a deluge of support that wasn’t there the first time we addressed this.

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“I supported that then but likewise the Conservatives haven’t spelt out themselves how additional funds are being spent and are available,” he said.

Elwood gave further insight for his changing decision, adding: “What I now see is the fact we have a vehicle that’s tried, tested and popular… it’s very practical and used before.”

He gave his views on who he thought was “to blame” adding: “I think there’s blame on both sides in politics and I’d love to see the parties work more closely together than this.

“Labour brought this motion in on the eve of schools going into break rather than two weeks ago when we could have done the preparation needed. Looking forward now…”

“There are many decisions that have been made by this Government to support businesses, not least the hospitality industries.”

And giving more detail on why he had changed his mind, he said: “Ultimately, yes, this is popular, it is practical and the nation wants it, so I do hope we’ll move forward.

“And I’m pleased to hear Matt Hancock suggesting that we’re heading that way,” added the MP. 

Matt Hancock was seen in a clip earlier on in the programme interviewed on Sky News as the Government continues to boycott the ITV breakfast show. 

Those watching were not completely convinced by Elwood’s comments, with one sharing on Twitter: “Tobias Elwood somehow blaming the Labour Party for himself not voting to extend FSM vouchers through the holiday is fascinating to watch.”

Another shared: “Tory MP Tobias Elwood on #GMB now. He’s saying the Labour Party are responsible for 322 Tories voting to let kids go hungry because of the way they put the vote forward in Parliament.”

A third added: “Tory Tobias Elwood blaming the Labour Party for him voting not to provide free school meals at half term on GMB? You couldn’t make it up!”

A fourth queried: “I’m glad that you appear to have changed your mind Mr Elwood but can you explain why you voted against in the first place?”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.


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