After Prince William lost his hair, we decide whether other celebs look better with or without it


OUR royals regularly hit the HEADlines – but this may be the most bizarre reason.

West Wing actor Rob Lowe has revealed he was “devastated” over Prince William’s bald patch.

He said: “One of the great traumatic experiences of my life was watching Prince William lose his hair.

He’s going to be the f*****g King of England.”

While Wills may not pull off the heirless look, some celebs fare better.

AMY READING and AMY JONES decide whether these mane men look better with or without it.

Prince William

Johnny Lee Miller

SLICK BOY . . . Jonny, 46, had a full head of hair when he won legions of fans as Sick Boy in Trainspotting

Vin Diesel

LOSING IT FAST AND FURIOUS . . . but the 51-year-old Hollywood hardman looked Riddickulous before.

Tom Hardy

MAD MAX FURRY ROAD . . . action star Tom, 41, has lost some of his barnet – and his heart-throb status

Jude Law

SHERLOCKS HOLMES . . . Jude, 46, played Dr Watson in Guy Ritchie’s film but not even the famous detective would be able to crack the case of his missing hairline

Jason Statham

MANE MACHINE . . . action star Jason, 51, is famed for his shaved head, so much so his other hit flick could be renamed No Locks, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels

Ricky Whittle

A WHITTLE BIT OFF THE TOP . . . Ricky, 37, has gone from Hollyoaks heart-throb to an American God

Freddie Ljungberg

SHORT AND SWEDE . . . ex-Arsenal ace Freddie, 42, has embraced the bald look and we are big fans

The Rock

ROCKING THE BALD LOOK . . . 47-year-old wrestler turned Hollywood heavyweight is hotter without


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