Alabama woman charged with unborn baby's death after being shot in the stomach


The case has become a flash point for abortion rights activists in Alabama, which is one of 38 states to recognise a foetus as a victim in cases of violence against a pregnant woman. 

In other cases pregnant women have been charged for drug use or a car accident that resulted in the death of a foetus.

In May, the state passed the strictest anti-abortion law in the country, banning terminations at every stage of pregnancy and threatening doctors who perform the procedure with a lengthy prison sentence.

The law is being challenged by civil liberties groups in court, with pro-life activists hopeful that it will lead to the overturning of the federal law recognising abortion as a constitutional right.

The Yellowhammer Fund, which provides funding for abortion access in Alabama, has taken up Ms Jones’ case. Its executive director, Amanda Reyes, said in a statement: “The state of Alabama has proven yet again that the moment a person becomes pregnant their sole responsibility is to produce a live, healthy baby and that it considers any action a pregnant person takes that might impede in that live birth to be a criminal act.” 

“Tomorrow, it will be another black woman, maybe for having a drink while pregnant. And after that, another, for not obtaining adequate prenatal care,” she


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