Alan Carr country pile: How comedian relocated to farm – ‘It’s like Game of Thrones there'


Alan Carr rose to fame thanks to his witty comedy.

Originally from Weymouth, he now splits his time between London and a farm he bought with his partner.

He revealed the purchase of the new home in an interview with the Mirror in May.

However, it seemed the comedian, who is best friends with singer Adele, was not sure about the new locale.

He told the publication: “I love the city and then I go down and he looks after all the animals and stuff.”

Describing in rather graphic details the goings on at the farm Alan said: “It’s like Game of Thrones down there.

“Things are having sex with things they shouldn’t do. Things are dying.”

The comedian revealed it is his husband Paul Drayton who finds the most joy in running the farm.

Alan said: “He names the animals. I’m sitting and watching Pointless, he runs in [and says] ‘Rihanna’s dead She’s dead. Hit by a tractor.’”

However, the comedian revealed that Rihanna’s a duck the couple owned.

“I like London, I dip in and out. It’s not really my thing. But it’s nice. Paul O’Grady‘s down the road,” Alan added.

The comedian is fairly private about his home life, but he has shared some pictures on his Instagram account that may be from his country home.

In one image he can be seen dressed a Georgian woman in a large stately garden.

Another shows his dog barking at some guinea fowl by a shed.

It appears Alan recently had a party, as a cocktails menu is leaning against the shed.

Who is Alan Carr’s husband Paul Drayton? 

The couple married in LA early last year, after being together for 10 years.

Alan told The One Show that friend and singer Adele arranged and officiated the wedding.

He revealed the wedding took place in the singer’s back garden, and shared an image with his spouse in front of a wall or white roses.

Alan told presenters: “She’s known me and Paul for ages and she said, ‘I want to do your special day, let me do everything.”


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