Alesha MacPhail’s twisted killer Aaron Campbell’s sick social media boast after murdering six-year-old – as his YouTube is deleted


THE SICK teen who raped and murdered six-year-old Alesha MacPhail “liked” a Facebook tribute to the little girl hours after he’d killed her.

Twisted Aaron Campbell, 16, snatched Alesha from her bed and carried her into the woods before launching a savage sexual attack and dumping her naked body.

Aaron Campbell ‘liked’ a Facebook tribute to Alesha hours after he’d raped and murdered her
The 16-year-old raped and murdered the little girl before dumping her naked body in nearby woods
PA:Press Association
Alesha was pictured hours before she was snatched from her bed by the monster

The judge described the case as “one of the wickedest and most evil crimes” put before a court in Scotland.

Chillingly, hours after her body was found evil Campbell “liked” a Facebook post written by a close friend saying “Alesha, always in our hearts.”

A source told the Daily Record: “It’s disgusting and disturbing that he would like the post just after Alesha was found dead.”

Another person in his Facebook circle added: “This shows how calculated and evil he is.”


The 16-year-old lived on the same road as Alesha’s grandparents on the Isle of Bute, where he snatched the schoolgirl from her bed and raped her last July.

Campbell inflicted 117 injuries on Alesha, described in court as a “sweet angelic little girl”.

The cold-blooded brute subjected her to a savage sexual attack and smothered her to death.

He was caught on CCTV going in and out of his house — a five-minute walk from where Alesha was staying with her family.

Warped Campbell, who was obsessed with computer games and supernatural character Slender Man, was found guilty of the sickening murder on Thursday.

YouTube has since removed horror game videos posted by Campbell as a mark of respect for his victim and her family.


The CCTV footage showed him on the night of the murder and damning DNA evidence provided a billion-to-one link to the crime.

The teen fed jurors a “pack of lies” during his trial – including that Toni MacLachlan, the girlfriend of Alesha’s dad, had framed him by “planting” his DNA on the youngster using a condom discarded after they apparently had sex.

As he was led away to the cells in handcuffs, Alesha’s dad Robert, 26, shouted: “F*****g scumbag.”

Seconds earlier, trial judge Lord Matthews had told Campbell: “Alesha MacPhail was a sweet, angelic little girl. She would’ve gone home to her mother looking forward to tell stories to her and her friends.

“Instead of that you came into her life and stole her life.”

The killer’s name had been hidden from the public during the case because of his age.

But after a legal challenge sparked by The Scottish Sun, Lord Matthews agreed to lift the ban and the killer was unmasked.

Campbell will be sentenced next month after expert reports on his mental state.

His name will also be added to the sex offenders register indefinitely.

The teen is being guarded round the clock in prison — as insiders revealed he’ll be a “marked man to his dying day”.

Jail sources told how the child killer is being shadowed by two security officers to protect him from fellow cons desperate for revenge over his sickening crimes.

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Campbell was last week found guilty of abducting, raping and murdering six-year-old Alesha MacPhail[/caption]

Last picture of Alesha with mum Georgina
Alesha is pictured with mum Georgina, just 24 hours before she headed off to stay with her dad and his parents in Rothesay, Bute
Alesha, six, was raped and murdered and dumped in woods


Alesha MacPhail's mum paid tribute to her'most amazing child'
Alesha MacPhail’s mum paid tribute to her ‘most amazing child’
She was murdered after going to stay with her dad Robert
She was murdered after going to stay with her dad Robert
She was tucked up in bed when a warped teen crept in and snatched her



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