Alfie Evans’s dad says newborn son ‘gives me reason to wake up’


“Thomas is Alfie’s double, the resemblance is amazing”

Tom Evans

Tom Evans, 22, made the admission following the lengthy heartbreaking legal battle to keep little Alfie on life support, which drew global attention. 

He and partner Kate James, 21, lost their case with Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital saying Alfie was suffering immensely from an ultra-rare degenerative brain disease. 

Thomas was conceived as the legal battled drained the young parents’ emotions as they sought treatment for Alfie in Italy or Poland. 

Alfie died on April 28, last year. 

The dad told the Sunday Mirror: “Thomas is Alfie’s double, the resemblance is amazing. 

“When we see Thomas pull a face he looks like Alfie, we feel that in a way we have both with us.

“He’s such a happy baby, he does nothing but smile. I had a great connection with Alfie and I feel like I’ve got the same with Thomas. 

“We’re hanging in there, keeping sane, doing as well as we can. I wouldn’t know where I was without baby Thomas.

“I’ve got something to wake up to with him. I have to keep happy for Thomas’s sake. I wouldn’t want to wake up if it wasn’t for the baby.

“I don’t like to think what it would be like without Thomas. I worry if he wasn’t here, where would I be?” 

Tom said £140,000 fundraised for Alfie will now be used to help other seriously ill children. 

Already it has been used to give disabled children wheelchairs and sensory equipment. 


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