All social workers at councils where child sexual abuse able to 'flourish' must be re-screened, IICSA urges


“Despite decades of evidence and many reviews showing what needed to change, neither of the councils learnt from their mistakes, meaning that more children suffered unnecessarily.”

In response, Colin Pettigrew, corporate director for children’s services at Nottinghamshire County Council, said “These terrible events took place, in some cases, many years ago and we know that the effects remain. We are committed to working with partners to ensure that appropriate support is available to all victims and survivors.

“[…]Neither councils learned from their mistakes despite five decades of evidence of failure to protect children in care from the 1960s. Despite improvements, there continue to be weaknesses in foster care practice in both councils.

“We are determined to do our utmost to ensure that children in the care of this council are as safe as they can be. And swift and effective measures are now in place to deal with any allegations of abuse of children in the care of this council.”

Nottingham City Council Leader, Cllr David Mellen, and Chief Executive Ian Curryer added: “We accept that the council let survivors down in the worst possible way, and for that and the ongoing impact that has had on your lives, we are truly sorry. 


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