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Am I drinking too much? How alcohol impacts different age groups


Your hangovers really do get worse in your 30s.

Mr Briggs explained: “If you frequently found yourself binge drinking in your 20s, it is likely to catch up with you post 40.

“However, depending on the regularity of your drinking, you may begin to witness its impact as early as 30.”

As we get older, our bodies are less able to process alcohol and heal itself.

Mr Briggs said: “Over time, the liver develops fatty tissue that hinders its ability to metabolise alcohol and process essential nutrients.

“Consequently, it is inevitable that you will experience the dreaded two-day hangover.

“The significant reduction in the body’s power to metabolise alcohol also means that you are more likely to feel the impact of the alcohol (i.e. ‘get drunk’) quicker.

“This is why many believe that as they age they evolve into more of a light-weight.”

Alcohol impairs our ability to make rational decisions by damaging the brain’s frontal cortex.

This can last several days when we drink in our late 30s and early 40s, Mr Briggs said.

He added: “Alcohol also slackens the neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for mood.

“As we age, this can lead to low feeling post drinks for several days.

“Worst case scenario, frequent binge drinking can pave the way to long term anxiety and depression.”

In our 40s, sleep is more important than ever and we feel the impact of lack of sleep more at this age.

Mr Briggs explained: “A common misconception is that alcohol tires you and therefore you oversleep. This is not true.

“Yes, alcohol is a sedative however, it stifles REM sleep, the stage in our sleep cycle that is crucial for its restorative properties.’”


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