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Amanda Lamb says daughter stopped her from continuing with A Place In The Sun

Amanda Lamb, 48, worked on hit property show A Place In The Sun for five years between 2001 and 2005 before the show stopped being commissioned. When Channel 4 eventually decided to revive the popular programme, they asked the former Scottish Widows star if she would consider returning. However, it was not possible for her at that time.

She divulged: “I’d love to go back, I think my girls are a bit older now, they stopped commissioning A Place in the Sun, when my daughter was three and a half, so for three years there were no episodes. 

“When it came back, they did ask me to go back, at the time she was three and a half, nearly four, she was just about to start school. 

“I couldn’t just take off for two years, and not see her. Or drag her around with me, so I couldn’t do it but now they are both a bit older, quite possibly.”

However, the presenter has not ruled out a return to the programme that she became best known for.

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Amanda said: “When we come on board, quite often they will walk into a house, and it’s the first time (homebuyers) have walked into a property that would enable them to live that dream that they have had for years, you know. 

“There’s been a few people who have walked in and gone, ‘I could live in this and I could live in it and not have a mortgage’. 

“So yeah there’s been quite a few tears, but happy tears, not sad tears,” she added.

The clients who have appeared on the programme have also varied, with some hoping to downsize, and others who would like to leave “the rat race”.


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