American Horror Story: 1984 finale teaser sees Finn Wittrock make blood-soaked return


AMERICAN Horror Story: 1984 will wrap up next week with a massacre in true Ryan Murphy style.

The series has seen Satanic possession, blood sacrifices, and terrifying hauntings – and suffice to say the last episode of the seasons is going to seen all the carnage come to a head.

American Horror Story
Finn made his AHS debut in the Freakshow series

The preview clip from episode 9, Final Girl, sees the hunky Finn Wittrock – who first appeared on American Horror Story’s Freakshow series as the evil Dandy – arrive at Camp Redwood to receive a nasty shock.

He finds himself cornered by the undead Montana (Billie Lourd) and Trevor (Matthew Morrissey), who have romantically reconnected from beyond the grave.

The pair, who are trapped in purgatory at the site of their death, beg Finn’s unnamed character to kill them, much to his disgust.

When he refuses to oblige, they take matters into their own hands, with Montana shooting herself in the head, while Trevor slits his own throat.

American Horror Story
Trevor slits his own throat, much to Finn’s horror

American Horror Story
Ramirez appears to be suffering from hallucinations

To make matters all the more terrifying, they walk back into the cabin just moments later to illustrate their immortality.

Clearly the encounter is enough the leave Finn traumatised, as he is later seen being dragged into an asylum as he thrashes against the staff.

Elsewhere, Ramirez is seen hallucinating in what looks to be an unholy communion with the devil himself.

Meanwhile, Brooke grows ever closer to putting Margaret behind bars for her string of murders, after she was framed for the slaughter of Camp Redwood’s counsellors.

American Horror Story
Finn is later dragged into an asylum
American Horror Story
Xavier wields a chainsaw as he chases a victim down in a barn

At the end of the clip Margaret cryptically warns: “If you die here, death is all you’ll ever be.”

Here’s hoping she finally gets her just desserts – although let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a Ryan Murphy series without one final twist.

American Horror Story: 1984 airs Thursdays on FOX in the UK and is available to stream on NOW TV.


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