Amir Khan blasted for backing Pakistan army and posting selfies with military figures as conflict with India escalates


BRITISH boxer Amir Khan has been accused of “inciting hatred” for supporting the Pakistan army in their escalating conflict with India.

The former unified light-welterweight world champion posted a photo of himself with members of the Pakistani armed forces and the caption: “We stand with #PakArmy.”

Ami Khan posted this photo showing his support for the Pakistan army in their conflict with India

The message was posted to his 2.22 million Twitter followers and at the time of writing had almost 3,000 likes.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan today said a captured Indian pilot will be released as a “peace gesture” between the two countries.

The pilot’s jet was shot down by Pakistani forces on Wednesday as tensions escalated over the disputed region of Kashmir.

But Bolton-born Muslim Khan, who has Pakistani heritage owing to his Punjabi family, this morning tweeted his military-charged support for Pakistan.

Khan poses with a man who appears to be former Lieutenant-General of the Pakistan army, Naveed Mukhtar
One tweet accused Khan of ‘inciting hatred’

And he was met with a wave of criticism in amongst comments supporting his stance.

One comment in response to Khan’s tweet read: “Really? Inciting Pakistan vs India wars and hatred… you were born in Bolton and won gold for Britain, which is a multi-cultural society that you would be up in arms with should we show such hostility.”

Another wrote: “You should stand up for peace and resolution, soldiers die, families suffer.

“Surely as a public figure this is a time to show restraint and diplomacy and not adding fuel to the fire.”

The boxer also included this photo of himself with Pakistani armed forces

A fellow user posted: “Do you think it’s advisable to get involved with political issues?”

One follower raged: “Any wonder why you get so much grief from boxing fans and the public in general.

“You are supposed [to be] a damn role model. Made me wonder why I’ve supported and defended your career as a fan. Read a book, develop some sense.”

Another said: “Irresponsible.”

And one user by the name of Ahmed Farooq Butt tweeted: “You should stand for peace and promote #SayNoToWar too being a sports celebrity.”



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