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Andrew Neil mocks Remainers for Nissan's EU snub – 'Twitter-storm of biblical proportions!


During the Brexit referendum in 2016, Remainers launched their “Project Fear” campaign, claiming that leaving the EU would bring economic Armageddon, particularly to the UK’s car industry. Yet despite the doomsday predictions, Nissan announced on Thursday that it would continue to operate its Sunderland plant, while closing down production in Barcelona. Unable to resist a dig at Remainers, Mr Neil tweeted: “Imagine the twitter storm tonight if this had gone the other way.

“It would have been of biblical proportions.

“For some reason it’s not getting much traction on the MSM either. Ho hum.”

The former Times editor’s remarks provoked an angry reaction from diehard Remainers, who took to the social media airwaves to express their outrage.

One wrote: “No jobs are being created in the UK as a result of this.

“This story is that because Nissan have closed their operation in Barcelona, they are able to keep their current operation in Sunderland.

“You’re celebrating nothing changing? That’s not exactly a huge success!”

Another posted: “@afneil didn’t know you like fake news.

“They are not shifting anything, just closing Barca Factory.”

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However, Nissan workers in Barcelona faced bitter disappointment after learning that the company would be halting production at its plant there.

Around 3,000 workers are set to lose their jobs, but the closure could indirectly affect as many as 22,000 jobs, unions said.

Hundreds of workers protested the closure, setting fire to a pile of tyres, as they gave vent to their anger.

Last year, Remainers tried to portray Honda’s decision to close its plant in Swindon as a foretaste of what was to come for the UK now that it had left the EU.

Although the Honda’s management denied that Brexit forced the closure, leading Remainer Lord Adonis said: “Project Fear is now Project Reality.

“Ask Honda workers in Swindon.

“The Japanese are now systematically withdrawing their 30 years of manufacturing investment in the UK, because of Brexit.

“People need to start joining up the dots.”


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