Andy Murray ‘pain free’ in hint he could make shock Wimbledon appearance this year following hip surgery


ANDY MURRAY gave his strongest hint yet he is ready to return to the tennis circuit this year.

Britain’s No.1 tennis star says he remains “pain-free” almost three months after his career-saving hip-resurfacing operation.

Andy Murray started the elite men’s race in the London Marathon
PA:Press Association

The Scot, 31, was videoed hitting balls in a stationary position last week at Wimbledon as he continues his rehab.

His mum Judy is “cautiously optimistic” the former world No.1 could make an amazing comeback at Wimbledon this summer.

And while he has refused to give a definite return date, he gave the most upbeat update since going under the knife.

After starting the men’s elite race and mass start at the London Marathon, Murray said: “The hip is really good. I don’t have any pain.

“I’m a bit weak from where I got cut on the side of my leg for the op.

“I’m doing well. I’m happy. I’m pain free. I’m enjoying my life.

“I have been hitting a few balls from a stationary position. I’m a long way from testing it running round a court.

“I don’t feel any pressure to play again. But if my body is good, I will give it a go.”

Murray recently posted a video of himself back on the court


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