Angela Merkel in reported rift with chosen successor


Her comments followed a particularly damaging campaign episode in which the CDU failed to respond to a highly critical one-hour video made by a prominent German Youtube user.

The CDU reportedly prepared a response but panicked and failed to release it — effectively ceding the social media battle to a 26-year-old with blue hair known only as Rezo.

Asked to comment on the debacle this week, Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer said the highly opinionated video would not have been allowed in a more traditional format during an election campaign.

“We should ask whether the same rules from the analogue age should not also apply to the digital age,” she said.

Although she hastily backtracked, the damage was done and she was accused of seeking to censor social media.

It was not her first gaffe. Earlier this year, she made an apparent attempt to win over the CDU conservative wing, which had opposed her as leader, with a risque joke about transgender toilets being for men “who aren’t sure whether they can still pee standing up”.

When the quip fell flat she doubled down, decrying the reaction as political correctness gone mad, and describing Germans as “the most uptight people in the world”.


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