Anna rubs Jordan’s bulge in the steamy outdoors Love Island shower


ANNA rubbed Jordan’s impressive bulge in the Love Island shower during today’s recap episode.

Fans of the ITV2 couldn’t believe their eyes as Anna got her hands on Jordan’s goods after rubbing his body.

Anna rubbed Jordan’s crotch during tonight’s Love Island

One wrote on social media: “Anna went in for the kill there lol #loveisland”.

Another said: “Girl copped a good feel. Jealous haha #LoveIsland”.

A third laughed: “Oh my god! Did you see Anna rubbing Jordan’s d***? #loveisland”.

It comes after Anna revealed she’s worried about her relationship with Jordan as more girls enter the villa.

Jordan seemed to be enjoying himself

She said: “I am so nervous about Jordan.

“Is he going to crack on with other girls? Should I be doing the same?”

“I think Casa Amor is a huge test for me and Jordan, this is the time where I’m going to find out whether he does really like me because he’s not very vocal about it.

“Also it’s a time where I find out whether I like him enough as well for my head not to be turned so it’s a huge test.”

The pair shared a steamy moment in the shower
Anna revealed she’s worried about her relationship with Jordan as more girls enter the villa

Friday night’s episode saw the girls head off to Casa Amor and introduced to six hunky new men.

But fans of the series have been left wondering if all the Islanders will be reunited on their day off before it’s shown on television.

One questioned: “So how does the “Saturday off at the beach “. Work when it’s casa amor? Surely all 24 don’t turn up for a day out together???”

“I think it’s a bit strange they split the Vila up with Casa amor but then they get their day off the day after so surely they will all see each other and spend time together,” asked another.

While one begged: “Hey @LoveIsland y’all don’t need to clean the villa or whatever this week, keep em in there tomorrow instead of giving them a day off and air the next episode a day early pls I beg”


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