Anneka Rice: What is Presenter and Strictly Come Dancing star’s net worth?


Anneka Rice is starring in Strictly Come Dancing 2019 tonight. The BBC show is in week two of its 17th series. The English presenter and broadcaster has said of dancing: “I’ve always said no up ’til now, because I can’t dance!” The award-winning broadcaster launched her career with a training course at the BBC. Rice then worked for The World Service before moving to Hong Kong to work for English-speaking TV company TVB.

She has presented Sporting Chance, TVAM, Driving Force, Wish You Were Here, Capital Woman, Combat and Hell’s Kitchen, as well as landing her own BBC One show Challenge Anneka.

Rice turned towards art after having children. According to the BBC she studies at Chelsea College of Art.

She’s now an accomplished artist and sells paintings to celebrity fans such as Ronnie Wood.

So how much money does Anneka Rice have in the bank? What is her net worth?

According to and other sources, Rice’s net worth is not known.

Her net worth is described as ‘under review.’

Rice has explained that she is not a natural dancer. “For years even my sister has said ‘Don’t do Strictly, you really can’t move,’” she told the BBC.

The broadcaster added: “I’ve tried a few times to dance – two Zumba classes, disaster. I couldn’t keep up.”

“Could do the top half and could do the bottom half, but not the same time or in the right order.”

Professional dancer Kevin Clifton and Rice made their dance floor debut last weekend as they danced Cha Cha Cha to Gloria by Laura Branigan.

In Strictly tradition, no one was sent home last week – but tonight, the stars won’t be as lucky.

The first elimination will take place this Sunday – where one of the celebrity and professional couples will face the chop.

In week 2 of the popular dance competition, Anneka will be doing a waltz to Run by Whitney Houston.

She has spoken up of the hardships of training for the show. A recent set back after suffering a shoulder injury meant she nearly didn’t make it on the BBC show. 

“About six weeks ago, I fell in my neighbour’s garden, going down quite a slippery slope, it was after I had signed up and was all ready to go, but in the middle of my proper fitness training, so the last six weeks I have had to really rest it,” she said.

“It has got a small tear, and it is inflamed, but it is nothing so bad that I can’t carry on, I’ll be fine, it is just swollen,” she added, explaining she’s undergoing treatment.


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