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AOC tells Jane Fonda being Trump’s ‘public enemy No. 1’ is a good thing

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez considers herself “public enemy No. 1” in the eyes of President Trump.

The Bronx-born congresswoman told actress Jane Fonda that Trump’s disdain for her is a good thing during an interview for “Fire Drill Fridays” last week.

“If the worst and most authoritarian, borderline — or probably, actually — fascistic president in modern history considers me public enemy No. 1, I think that’s a good thing. I’m doing a great job,” she said to Fonda.

Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest woman ever to serve in Congress at 31, also discussed why young progressives may not be eager to vote for Vice President Joe Biden. 

“It’s kind of this cyclical thing because the reason young people aren’t really passionate or supportive of a lot of elected officials is because a lot of elected officials do nothing substantively to address the real material cares that a young electorate is passionate about,” she said, as she mentioned issues like student loans and climate change.

Fonda bought up how the Green New Deal has resonated with young people across the country, during her discussion with Ocasio-Cortez, who shockingly admitted she “can’t believe how it resonates with young people and gives them hope.” 

Even though Ocasio-Cortez supported Sen. Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary, she is still casting her vote for Biden.

“I am casting this vote [for Biden] out of solidarity with the most marginalized and vulnerable communities.”

“This isn’t always about support for the candidate,” she added. “We can make tactical votes.”

On Sunday morning, AOC blasted the long wait lines for voters at a Bronx polling site as she cast her vote for Biden.


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