Architect behind Venice's slippery bridge fined £72,000 by Italian court 


The high-profile architect of a steel and glass bridge in Venice that has been plagued with problems ever since it was built a decade ago has been fined €78,000 (£72,000) by an Italian court.

The sweeping structure, which spans the Grand Canal and was the first new bridge to be built in the floating city for 70 years, was designed by renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

But it has been dogged by controversy ever since it was unveiled in 2008.

It was described by admirers as “a carpet of light” but dismissed by detractors as looking like “a lobster”.

People kept slipping and injuring themselves on its glass steps and it was initially criticised for having no access for disabled people.

The steps become particularly slippery when it rains or when fog descends on the city, which happens frequently during winter.


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