Aristocrat claims his family has evicted him and his pregnant wife from family seat


“I’m not from their world and, to be honest, I’m afraid I haven’t found much there to aspire to.”

The couple alleged that when the Earl, who has three siblings, had first wanted to bring his girlfriend home for the weekend, his car was lent to a member of staff, preventing him from picking her up from the station.

When he announced he wanted her to stay at Ragley, a Palladian mansion set in 5,000 acres, his said his bed was given away to the new butler and he had to sleep on a blow-up mattress.

Shortly before their wedding, he said his 59-year-old Brazilian-born mother Beatriz, sent him an email he said left him “shocked and confused”.

She wrote: “As you know, darling, there are no funds available for supporting two generations at the same time and you should prepare for that.

“There are no obligations as to when or what is handed over. Ragley was passed to your father when he was 33 because your grandfather, then, 61, saw fit… nowadays retirement happens later and people live longer.”

Lady Hertford declined to comment when contacted by the Mail on Sunday, stating that they were sorry their son had given an interview and regretted that such matters had not been discussed within the family. She added: “We’re trying to build bridges.”


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