Ark. Gov. Hutchinson: 'Very Difficult' For GOP Challenger to Trump


President Donald Trump’s successful record on national and international policy will make it “very difficult” for another Republican to challenge him in 2020, Arkansas GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Sunday.

In remarks on NBC News’ “Meet The Press,” Hutchinson said “this is President Trump’s RNC.”

“He appoints the chairman” to the Republican National Committee, he said. “So obviously, there is something that is ‘pro’ the White House and the administration. But, obviously, in our system of democracy and in our party, anybody’s free to make the challenge. Sometimes it’s a more difficult environment than others.”

According to Hutchinson, for 2020, the case will be made for what Trump has accomplished, and “it would be very difficult for someone to mount a successful challenge at this point.

There’s people who criticize President Trump because we don’t like his style,” Hutchinson said. “You don’t win campaigns on style. … in terms of challenging the incumbent, it’s about policy and what you’ve accomplished.”

“What he’s done in terms of increased border security and the court, deregulate more authority to the governors, in terms of de-emphasizing North Korea as a problem, he’s had tremendous success.”

“That’s the record he would present. It would be difficult to challenge that,” Hutchinson said.

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