Army guide to spot right-wing extremists warns that those who identify as 'patriots' could be a risk


A guide to help high-ranking Army British officers spot right-wing extremists among their ranks has emerged, warning them that patriotism is a “red flag”.

The leaflet, titled “Extreme Right Wing (XRW) Indicators & Warnings” alerts senior defence staff to the signs of extremism and reminds them to watch out for individuals who idealise “white only communities”.

Originally put together in 2017, the document advises officers to watch out for people who “use the term Islamofascism” and make “inaccurate generalisations about the Left”.

It details further criteria for spotting those with extreme right wing views, which include speaking of an “impending racial conflict” or “race war” and becoming “increasingly angry at perceived injustices or threats to so called national identity”.

Officers are also warned to keep an eye on anyone sporting tattoos with “overt and covert XRW iconography” and those who describe multicultural cities as “lost” or add “-istan” to British place names.


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