Arsenal fan reveals horror Baku hotel room for Europa League final


Aaron Rose, 24, thought he had chosen a clean and tidy spot but the pics were very different from the filthy dilapidated place.

He has travelled across Europe to see the Gunners take on Chelsea in an all-England final.

Photos he posted online show an old bathroom with broken tiles and equipment.

Aaron also uploaded the pics of what the shower and wash basin should have looked like with neat tiling and no dirt in sight.

He wrote on social media: “Booked accommodation in Baku.

“The first two photos were of the bathroom on the website. The last photo is what we have been met with.

“Have you ever seen anything more Europa League.”

The modern walk-in-shower behind a glass door in the booking photo was especially far from the mark.

His photos also show a tiny area to shower with a hole in the ground for drainage and dirty tiles.

The shower head is balancing on a tap suggesting that there was no hook on the wall for it to be placed.

There is broken porcelain next to the shower that appears to be the remains of a sink.

Aaron added to his initial comment: “It’s so true (but) forget the shower. Why the f*** is there a sink in the shower?”

He received many replies with the majority fluctuating between sympathetic and sarcastic.

One wrote: “I’m more worried the first two pictures were used to entice people into booking.”

Another said: “Nice spot.”

One put it: “This is just disgusting. This is why people don’t book hotels online.

“One would rather get to the destination and look for a room upon getting there. So many scammers online.”


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