Arsene Wenger breaks the internet as amazing photo shows him rounding Zidane in charity match


ARSENE WENGER has become an internet sensation after a mis-match made in heaven turned into hell for Zinedine Zidane.

Former Arsenal manager Wenger, 69, who spent his playing career in the lower leagues, was snapped in a charity match evading 46-year-old Bernabeu boss Zidane, an all-time great player for France and Real Madrid.

Arsene Wenger turns away from Zinedine Zidane in a scene from a charity match - not fantasy football
Arsene Wenger turns away from Zinedine Zidane in a scene from a charity match – not fantasy football
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One fan tweeted: “Wenger leaving Zidane for dead in midfield might be my favourite sporting picture in history.”

Another said: Wenger. “Zidane. Not a photoshop (three laughing emojis).”

“Leaving for dead” might be a mild exaggeration given that although Wenger successfully intercepted the ball, he actually then lost it to Zidane.

But if the late Brian Clouth was right when he said it only took a second to score a goal, then it is equally true that it only takes one image to create a legend!

The photo shows Wenger looking lean, mean and fully focused as he turns to stride away from his fellow Frenchman.

Poor Zidane was left twisting a yard behind – even stretching out his hand onto Wenger’s waist to help him regain balance and began his pursuit.

And social media had as much fun afterwards as it seemed Wenger had at the time.

One of the best jokes was: “I nearly signed him, but he got away, said Zidane about Wenger.”

Another Tweet summed up the main point: “69 year old Wenger too hot to handle for 46 year old Zidane.”

As for the reception down Le Dog and Bone afterwards, one fan suggested Wenger would be holding forth with “First I went left, he did too. Then I went right and he did too. Then I went left again and he went to buy a hot dog.”

And how about this suggestion for the full story? “Rumour has it big Wenger done a Cruyff turn and left Zidane for dead…”

Zidane got no support at all as Arsenal supporters fans queued up to see the moment Wenger “breezed past” arguably the greatest midfielder of the past three decades.

Gunners’ legend Wenger is still looking for another job after 22 years at the Emirates.

But for now he can surely just enjoy the moment.. Sing Weng your’re winning!



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