Asda launches FOUR new canned drinks including pink gin and pornstar martini


ASDA has just launched four new canned drinks, and they’re a dream for gin and martini lovers alike.

The new pre-mixed drinks come in the flavours of passion fruit martini, pink gin, gin bramble and rhubarb gin.

Asda has rolled out a pink gin drink in a can

Just like the popular pornstar martini cocktail, Asda’s passion fruit martini is packed with lemonade with passionfruit and vanilla flavours as well as vodka.

If gin is more your cup of tea, then the pink gin might be one for you as it’s only been mixed with diet lemonade.

Meanwhile, the gin bramble is packed with flavours of lemonade, blackberry juice and of course, the spirit itself.

Last but certainly not least, the rhubarb gin has been mixed with ginger ale.

All 250ml cans have an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 4 per cent.

Pornstar martini fans may also want to try this passion fruit drink

The passion fruit martini and gin bramble drinks are available in single cans for £1 each, while the other two flavours are only available in four-packs for £4.

The drinks are available both on Asda’s website and in stores too. You can find your nearest shop using its store finder tool.

Cans of pink gin are on sale in a majority of the UK’s major supermarkets, but for a higher price.

Tesco, for example, is selling four-packs of 250ml cans of Gordon’s pink gin for £6. Or you can pick up a single can for £1.70 at Asda.

These come with a higher alcohol content of 5 per cent though.

Kopparberg also recently launched its pink gin in a can with the same ABV but this costs £1.95 for a single can, or £6 for a pack of four.

You can get away cheaper by picking up passion fruit martini instead, as B&M is selling cans with an ABV of 4 per cent for just 89p.

Lauren Bungay, spirits buyer at Asda, said: “With summer jam-packed full of celebrations, we wanted to ensure we have something customers could easily grab-and-go with, no matter the occasion.

“At just £1 for single cans, the range is the perfect value option for Brits looking for delicious drinks that don’t come with the cocktail lounge price tag.”

Earlier this month, Tesco started selling 2.25litre boxes of passion fruit martini – the same as in nine cans.

And in April, Aldi rolled out sparkling wine in a can for £1.70.

Meanwhile, Asda has just launched gins that taste of lemon sherbets, pear drops and parma violets.

Of course, always be Drinkaware.


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