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Asda slashes the price of essential goods including pasta in every single UK supermarket

Supermarkets across the world now cater for different dietary requirements like dairy and gluten free. With more people than ever cutting this type of food out of their diet, food stores have made an effort to help provide Free From food to help customers get the food they need. However this usually comes at a hefty cost with ‘Free From’ food costing almost twice as much as standard food. 

Family favourite Free From Frosted Flakes have been reduced by 67 percent and are now priced at just 59p.

Free From Bread which is usually one of the most expensive alternatives at nearly £2 for a loaf has been cut to just 89p.

Rebecca Long, Senior Buying Manager, Free From at Asda said: ‘With more people than ever buying Free From foods, we’re pleased we can help make these more affordable by lowering our prices, matching the prices of selected lines gram for gram against the non-Free From equivalent.’

“We believe there should be no reason for our customers to pay more for food if they have an intolerance and want to ensure our customers can get everything they need under one roof, regardless of dietary requirements or lifestyle choice.”

If customers are not wearing a face mask in-store, they will be told they can buy a pack of disposable masks and pay for them at the checkout with the rest of their shop.

Supermarkets across the country are also providing sanitisation stations to help shoppers make sure they are keeping their hands clean.

Asda is also the first food supermarket to introduce protective coatings onto their basket and trolley handles which is designed specifically to help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Which? recently compared different supermarkets in the UK to see which one was cheapest.

For a trolley consisting of 150 items, Asda was by far the cheapest supermarket giant. 

With the total bill costing £232.87, the grocery store was £12.67 cheaper than its nearest rival Morrisons.

The test compared products including biscuits, butter, bread and pasta. 


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