AT&T and Vodafone collaborate on internet of things connectivity in autos industry


AT&T is working with Vodafone Business to “accelerate internet of things connectivity and innovation in the automotive industry.”

In an announcement Monday, AT&T said that the two businesses would look to develop “superior and consistent connected car solutions and experiences” for customers in Africa, Europe and North America.

The firms will focus on several areas. These include 5G and autonomous vehicle technology, connected car applications and services, as well as in-vehicle entertainment.

The last few years have seen our cars become increasingly connected, using technologies such as Bluetooth and automated parking.

In the emerging field of 5G, Vodafone has a lab and test track up and running in Germany, enabling it to work with auto companies on new innovations in the transport sector that use 5G.

Stefano Gastaut, Vodafone Business’ internet of things director, said in a statement Monday that the company’s work with AT&T would “benefit automotive manufacturers and their customers around the world as we simplify processes and provide a consistent experience to accelerate IoT (internet of things) adoption in this fast-moving market.”

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