Home News Australia coronavirus second wave: Biggest daily rise in two months after outbreak

Australia coronavirus second wave: Biggest daily rise in two months after outbreak


Victoria, the country’s second most populated state recorded 33 positive cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours. This is now the ninth consecutive day of double-digit cases in the region and comes weeks after the government began to ease lockdown restrictions. The state Premier, Daniel Andrews said: “We have ambulances and other vans that will literally be at the end of people’s streets.

This suburban testing blitz is all about finding all of those people that have this virus, then having them quarantined in their home with appropriate support

“It’s about bringing further stability to these numbers.

“The numbers will grow, but that’s exactly the strategy: find these cases.”

The state also has 200 of the country’s 270 coronavirus cases. 

Overall, the country has recorded 104 deaths from the virus combined with 7,500 infections. 

With the number of cases rising in the state, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has insisted safeguards are in place to stop the spread getting out of control across the country. 

He also insisted the country must reopen its economy as the virus will still be present for some time. 

Mr Morrison said: “We’ve gotta live alongside COVID-19.

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The military has been deployed to help establish more testing stations. 

The use of the military within the community has been described as a testing blitz. 

Thousands of workers will go door to door asking residents to be tested. 

Mr Andrews did reimpose limits on the purchase of certain essential goods in certain supermarkets. 

Australia’s health minister, Greg Hunt said: “There were some that may have believed that we were going to be completely out of the woods.

“That has never been the case.

“It can literally take one person who doesn’t do the right thing.

Somebody has either not known, or not done the right thing, so we need to be honest about that.”

He insisted the country was in a critical position and health authorities were considering local lockdowns. 


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