Avengers Endgame: Black Widow future REVEALED after Avengers 4 – Will there be a film?


Avengers Endgame roared into cinemas worldwide this week. Among the spectacular thrills and heartwarming surprises, there are also some devastating losses. As the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, warned, this really is the end of the story for the original six Avengers after eleven years and over twenty movies. So what does that mean for the future of characters like Black Widow? Scarlett Johansson spoke out yesterday. As always, be aware that there are major spoilers beyond this point.

Fans who have seen the movie know it centres on a quest to retrieve the Infinity Stones from various points in the past.

Hawkeye and Black Widow travel to Vormir, where they discover (why did nobody warn them?) the orange jewel demands a terrible sacrifice.

After tussling over who throws themselves off the cliff, Natasha “wins” and is gone forever. Red Skull tells Clint there is no coming back from this, and Hulk proves the point when he reverses the Snap and tries and fails to restore Natasha.

Does this now mean there will be no Black Widow film, after all?

Johansson sat down with Variety yesterday and was bluntly asked that question.

She said: “I guess I’m not able to say a thing. Earlier today Kevin (Feige, the Marvel boss) was like, ‘We haven’t announced anything!’

“Everything happens when it’s supposed to. All I’ll say is I have a greater understanding of the character now than I ever possibly could have had before. Wherever iteration you may or may not see of this character in the future will be the better for it.”

This sounds like the film is still happening and ties in with a recent revelation in the Hollywood Reporter about how the film will get around the character’s death.

It is almost certain the spin-off will be a prequel, set back in Natasha’s past. It makes sense for it to be an origin story, before she met the Avengers. The character has always been shrouded in mystery and never gives much away about herself.

Johansson added: “She is stoic. I think she is a cerebral person and she takes action and she’s very pragmatic and she’s a thinker and she chooses her words carefully.”

Fans will no doubt be very keen to find out what lies behind the mask and see why she is so enigmatic. They were given a glimpse of Natasha’s past 2010’s Iron Man 2, and then scenes of her training in the Red Room under Madame B (Julie Delpy) in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

A Cold War thriller is an enticing prospect.



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