Avengers Endgame: Cinemas ask fans to leave BEFORE end credits – Will you miss anything?


Yes, Thanos is still demanding silence. Fans are doing a great job not revealing spoilers and most media are putting up warnings so fans don’t accidentally stumble into any revelations. One of the biggest mysteries over any Marvel movie is how many post-credit scenes there will be. Fans are reporting that some cinemas are putting up signs revealing there are none. Is this true? Why would they do that? Is there anything worth staying for until the very end?


A journalist in Atlanta posted a picture of a sign at a local cinema and other fans have come forward saying their cinemas either put up signs and actually asked them to start leaving as soon as the credits rolled.

Yes, it is true, there are no end credit scenes at all BUT there is still a treat for fans at the end.

Many fans, nevertheless, enjoy the end credits music, watching all the names of all those who worked on a movie and just having a moment to take in what just happened on screen. However, Avengers Endgame does include a very special Easter Egg.

Tony Stark dies at the climax of the movie. As well as a powerful funeral scene, he is paid a special tribute in the last seconds before the screen goes black.

After the credits end, a clanging noise can be heard.

At first, many thought this was a bell tolling for all the lost. Now it has been revealed it is the sound of Tony working on his Iron Man suit in the very first movie. It is a fitting end to an eleven-year saga covering the entire Marvel Phases One, Two and Three, which started and now end with Tony Stark.

Why would cinemas want fans to miss this?

It is not ignorance or a lack of consideration, it is an attempt to deal with the huge pressure imposed by such a long runtime.

The three-hour movie has left theatres desperately trying to move audiences in and out as swiftly as possible to maximise on screenings. They also need to clean the auditoriums in between.

Most fans, understandably, will want to stay but are encouraging each other on social media to be more careful with their litter to help the staff deal with a difficult situation.



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