Avengers Endgame IMAX review: Do you need to see Avengers 4 on IMAX 3D? Spoiler free


Avengers Endgame is tracking to be the biggest film of the year. No surprise there, since the final Star Wars 9 movie will be held back by the huge indifference of the Chinese market to the franchise. It will also not be a great surprise if Avengers 4 becomes the biggest film of all time, with estimates it could take close to $1 billion by the end of this weekend. So, do fans needs to see the biggest film on the biggest screen? Is it worth seeing in 3D? NOTE: This review contains no major spoilers

The Russos complete the grand task of bringing the entire Avengers saga to a close in dramatic and devastating style.

Like many of the characters, this is the directors’ first time out in space and they embrace the challenge of bringing new planets and vistas to glorious life.


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