Avengers Endgame screenwriters reveal ‘TERRIBLE’ alternate ending they SCRAPPED


Having collected the Infinity Stones in the Time Heist, they were placed in the Stark gauntlet. Then, Hulk put it on and gave up his arm to reverse Thanos’ Snap. Of course, after this, we didn’t see the return of the dead superheroes until the portals scene on the battlefield with Captain America. However, Avengers Endgame screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have now revealed their original plan for this big return.

Speaking with Comic Book at San Diego Comic Con, the screenwriters revealed they wrote a “terrible” Avengers pizza party.

McFeely said: “We had one where they all come back to the exact same [place], to the compound, like [Snap], boom, there they are.

“You hear, ‘Mr. Stark?’ And there’s Peter coming around the corner. Then we cut five minutes, and they’re all eating pizza. It was terrible.”


Markus added: “Because there is no hard, fast, real-world factuality about [the Snap], we have to make up hard, fast rules in order for this thing to make sense.

“One of which is that everybody came back to the point where they disappeared.

“So then they had to get back to our battlefield, which gave us a window of time where things still had to happen.”

Meanwhile, a devastating Iron Man death deleted scene has been released.

Shared by USA Today, the unused moment saw the surviving and resurrected Avengers kneeling in honour of Iron Man after he died.

While alternate 2014 Gamora, who doesn’t know any of them, runs off.

This explains her sudden absence and Star-Lord’s wish to find her in a later scene – something that will presumably manifest in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

Avengers Endgame is still in cinemas and is released on digital download on August 19 and Blu-ray and DVD on September 2.


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