Avengers fans bursting to see Endgame will get toilet break during three hour superhero finale


Disney’s new Marvel superhero film is so long that British cinemas have been forced to schedule toilet breaks during screenings.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ is among the lengthiest blockbusters to ever hit the big screen, running for three hours and two minutes.

Rex Cinema in Elland, West Yorkshire, and the Plaza Cinema in Skipton, North Yorkshire, are among a handful of independent venues that have chosen to halt screenings halfway through so customers can use the toilets.

But no major British or American cinema chains are currently offering intervals after Joe Russo, one of the co-directors, said he hoped his work would screen without interruptions.

He said: “We’re telling everyone to prep as if they’re going into surgery. Don’t have any water or anything to drink post-midnight the day before you see the film, and you’ll be fine.”

Many fans are struggling, however. Some have turned to Runpee, a new app which advises the best time to duck out of films without missing anything fundamental to the plot.

Intervals were a standard feature of the cinema-going experience in the 1950s and 1960s, giving guests time to buy another ice cream while the projectionist change the film reel.

However the habit has largely died out as cinemas switched to digital, despite the average duration of a Hollywood blockbuster increasing significantly since the 1980s.


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