Baby girl with 'tummy bug' went to sleep and never woke up again


Poppy Neighbour, who was 21 months old, lost her life after battling what her mum thought was a “tummy bug”, but transpired to be a rare liver disorder.

Heartbroken mum, Rachel, from Milton Keynes, said: ”She wasn’t sick, she was just a small baby.

“She went to bed as normal, she had a little tummy bug but that was it.

“She gave me a big cuddle and she just passed away in her sleep.”

“She gave me a big cuddle and she just passed away in her sleep”


A post-mortem revealed the poor tot died from Peliosis Hepatis.

This incredibly rare disease has reportedly only affected five children globally.

“The consultants at the hospital were very confused because it’s only found in people who have liver transplants,” Rachel told Plymouth Live.

“She was one of only five children in the world to have it and two of them were on a list for a transplant.

“Poppy had never had any liver problems, so we’ve been left without an explanation — she didn’t have a temperature, there was nothing to indicate anything was wrong.”

The grieving mum said the one small comfort was that Poppy didn’t suffer.

She said: “I’m just glad she was asleep, that’s the only thing we can hold on to.”


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