Bad Boys For Life makes huge comeback as it’s set to gross $68million this weekend


BAD Boys For Life has made a huge comeback as it’s set to gross up to $68million this weekend.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back after 17 years and people are rushing to see what the latest from the action comedy franchise has to offer.

bad boys for life will smith martin lawrence
Bad Boys For Life has been a hit in cinemas already

On Friday it grossed $23.5 million in North American and could triple that by the  end of the four-day Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

The hotly anticipated film was due to be released in 2018, but was put back due to script changes.

The first Bad Boys movie came out way back in 1995, and that is when we were introduced to longtime friends Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett.

The pair were tasked with protecting a witness to a murder, while also looking into the theft  of heroin from their Miami precinct evidence storage room.

Vanessa Hudgens – who stars in the film – at the premiere this week
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Fast forward 25 years later, the Bad Boys Detectives Marcus and Mike are now dealing with problems such as potential career changes and midlife crises.

However, they cannot be down in the dumps for too long, as they re-unite one last time to bring down a mysterious assassin connected with Lowrey’s past.

The detectives will join forces with the specialised team of AMMO, to try and take down the dangerous Armando Armas, the leader of a Miami drug cartel.

As well as Will and Martin, the film stars Vanessa Hudgens, who appears in the role of Kelley.


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