Baltimore mayor urged to resign after FBI raid city hall over children's books


The mayor of Baltimore is facing intense calls for her resignation after the FBI raided her home and her city hall office.

Catherine Pugh, 69, a Democrat, is being investigated over children’s book deals that earned her roughly $800,000 over the years.

She sold her self-published “Healthy Holly” paperbacks to customers she could benefit as a government official, including a hospital network she helped oversee, and a major health plan that does business with the city.

Her lawyer Steven Silverman said she would decide to do about resigning once she’s “lucid” and was entitled to a presumption of innocence.

Mr Silverman said: “She just needs to be physically and mentally sound and lucid enough to make appropriate decisions.”

The strongest voice calling for her immediate resignation was Larry Hogan, the Republican state governor.

He said: “Mayor Pugh has lost the public trust. She is clearly not fit to lead.” 

The mayor has called her book deals a “regrettable mistake”. She sold $500,000 worth of the illustrated paperbacks to the University of Maryland Medical System, a major state employer on whose board she sat for nearly 20 years.

She also made $300,000 in bulk sales to other customers including two health companies that did business with the city of Baltimore.


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