Barbara Windsor still making people giggle despite dementia battle


The TV legend, 81, hasn’t lost the wit that made her a comedy sensation in the Carry On films, her husband says.

Scott Mitchell, who is running the London Marathon in her name today, added: “We went for lunch at a friend’s house and she was on really good form.

“Daytimes are much better for her. And after lunch we’d all eaten a lot and someone said, ‘Maybe we should go for a run with Scott.’ .

“I won’t repeat what she said, but in no uncertain terms, it was a, ‘No’. The timing was incredible.

“But then there’s the flip side we went home and, within 10 minutes of sitting on the sofa, she looked across and said, ‘Scott, who lives here?’.

“I said, ‘We’re at home’ and she asked me, ‘Have we been here long?’.”

Barbara’s condition has deteriorated in recent years.

Scott, 56, added: “She shows flashes of the old Barbara and it’s confusing. And as well as those little glimpses that come through, there’s that flip side.

“Her confusion is getting much deeper, especially in the evenings. “Barbara is not the Barbara that we all know and love.”

“It’s been five years since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s – a chronic neurodegenerative disease te former EastEnders star is among 850,000 people living with the condition in the UK. Speaking on LBC radio, Scott said:

“When Barbara was diagnosed something about her changed in her personality. She lost that lightness and sparkle that she’d always had.”

The charities Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK have teamed up for the Dementia Revolution campaign. Scott is running today’s marathon to help hit their £3million target.

He’ll be joined in the race by a host of Barbara’s EastEnders pals, including Jake Wood, Tanya Franks and Natalie Cassidy.

He said: “They have all been so incredible.

“They are also doing their normal jobs, which can be demanding. But they want to do this for Barbara.”


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