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'Bare knuckle fight with the EU!' Gloves are off in Brexit showdown, warns Brexiteer MP


Mr Johnson today warned any attempt to block his Internal Market Bill in the House of Commons would enable to EU to “carve up” the United Kingdom in a clear indication of the seriousness with which he views the situation. And Daniel Kawczynski, MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham, likewise stressed the stakes could not be higher, employing his colourful metaphor as he compared the situation to Fight Club.

“And this is just the beginning – deals with Australia will follow, Canada and America.

“So that will clearly create the kind of circumstances where other European countries contemplate whether it is worth paying the middle man – is he actually adding any value?

Mr Kawzcynski concluded: “What is so incomprehensible to us Brexiteers is the lack of confidence these Remainers have is the United Kingdom.

“We have been held back for the whole of my lifetime in this strange parallel universe. No more.”

Mr Kawczynski was not in the UK yesterday as he was about to catch a flight back from Poland, the country where he was born, and where he had been on a fact-finding mission during which he met numerous officials and discussed the Brexit situation with them.

He told Express.co.uk: “This is an unprecedented battle of wills.

“We are now in a bare knuckle fight – we’ve all seen that film with Brad Pitt.

“I believe in Britain and I believe Britain will win and will stay strong and United and come out of it with her head held high, maintaining the sovereignty that the British people voted for.”

Mr Kawczynski warned: “Any diversions from that would not only be a betrayal of more than 17 million people who voted for Brexit.

“It would also be a betrayal of the millions of people who voted remain who now realise what the situation is and back the Prime Minister.”

Mr Kawczynski said: “I am looking forward to supporting the Prime Minister on Monday.

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He said: “He is standing up for the integrity of the United Kingdom which we will not allowed to be challenged.

“And so we must make these changes to ensure that integrity of the United Kingdom continues.

“We will go right down to the wire in not succumbing to the threats and bullying of the European Union.

“Because if we should give in to their bullying, there will be the strongest possible sign that the EU always gets its way.”

Turning his attention to the future, he added: “Britain has exposed the European Union for the sham that it is.

“We have managed to secure a trade deal with Japan which is better than the European unions trade deal with Japan.

We have been told for the last five decades that we are too small we are too insignificant, to inconsequential, too incapable, too inept to do these things ourselves and we need to leave it to bureaucrats in Brussels.

“This is a moment in history when United Kingdom has managed to prove all those naysayers wrong.


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