Bargain hunter saves hundreds of pounds on gifts by making hampers out of freebies


A MUM from Coventry saves hundreds of pounds on gifts by collecting freebies online and making them into personalised hampers.

Ayshea Hanif, 32, dedicates hours everyday to finding freebies online so that she can give them as presents to friends on birthdays and anniversaries – but her pals don’t know that she didn’t spend a penny on them.

Ayshea Hanif collects freebies to give to her friends and family as gifts[/caption]

The mum-of-two from Coventry started the habit of hunting down freebies in 2012 after “getting the bug” from a free tub of Vanish cleaning powder.

Ayshea began following her favourite brands on Twitter and Facebook so she could keep an eye out for any free trials for new products.

She’s also a member of Facebook groups such as Free Stuff, Samples and Coupons UK where other savvy savers share freebies and she’s signed up for Whatsapp alerts from

To start with, she would only apply for freebies that she needed or was likely to use but soon found that she had plenty of things left over.

Sometimes Ayshea will start planning for a hamper a month in advance[/caption]

She makes each of the hampers personal to the person she’s gifting it to[/caption]

The first hamper the teaching assistant put together was for a colleague who was leaving to have a baby.

Now, she makes them for friends and family too, and sometimes plans them months in advance so she has time to collect the right things.

Ayshea often also tops up the hampers with gifts she’s bought using free vouchers.

“The main costs involved are the basket, gift wrapping, tissue paper and a little something I buy to finish it off,” Ayshea said.


The mum-of-two spends hours every day hunting down freebies[/caption]

“The items that I put in depend on the person I’m giving them too though.

“For example, for a baby shower, the hamper I created contained toiletries, nappies and wipes.

“I also made one for someone else’s 60th which had a razor and some toiletries in. I bought all of the items with vouchers I earned from surveys.”

When it comes to making the hampers, Ayshea recommends that you start by putting together a list of what the person you’re making it for likes, and then searching for freebies.

How Ayshea finds freebies

HERE are mum-of-two Ayshea's tips and tricks to getting your hands on freebies online:

Follow your favourite brands on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Contact brands on social media or on email and ask for voucher codes

Join Facebook groups like Free Stuff, Samples & Coupons UK to find out about freebies spotted by other bargain hunters

Sign up for WhatsApp alerts from so you can be the first to know when freebies are available.

She also feels it’s not fair to take freebies that you don’t need or aren’t going to use when someone else out there might.

Ayshea added: “I wouldn’t suggest ordering every single freebie out there if you won’t use them because it’s not fair on those that would use them.

“Making these hampers is a good way to save money as sometimes you don’t really know exactly what to give someone. This is a good way of being different.”

Ayshea isn’t the only one to give away freebies as gifts – Collette Jones, 26, uses the freebie codes and offers she finds online to obtain a range of items which she bundles together to gift to friends and family.

Another savvy saver, Kayleigh Hughes, managed to save an incredible £80 off her £100 shop from Asda by saving up her coupons.

Fellow coupon queen Aimee More, 43, got £2000 worth of luxury Christmas presents for just £20.

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