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Barnier rages at Boris for refusing to budge on fishing in Brexit talks -'No time to lose'


The European Union’s chief negotiaton said the future relationship pact with Britain must be completed by the end of October if it is to be properly implemented. The Frenchman accused his British counterparts of not considering “compromises on fisheries”, and claimed the UK’s position had not evolved since the beginning of the talks. “We are now less than four months away from January 1, 2021,” he said.

“This is a day chosen by the UK itself for its economic and commercial Brexit, after the political Brexit in January this year. Because as you know the UK refused any extension of the transition period – so, we have no time to lose.”

Mr Barnier hit out at claims his team had refused to discuss “room papers” on a future fisheries agreement put forward by British negotiators during recent rounds of talks.

The Brussels bureaucrat claimed he had not seen such documents.

“The UK has not shown any willingness to seek compromises on fisheries,” he said.

“The UK Government’s position has not involved in the past months – no new legal texts are being tabled.”



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