Baroness Wheatcroft’s Brexit tirade is staggering — and another reason we’re better off OUT


THE sheer snobbery of Baroness Wheatcroft’s Brexit tirade is simply staggering.

We know there are plenty of Remainer elites who think every Leave voter must be thick. But it’s rare for one of them to come out and actually say it.

What Baroness Wheatcroft’s doing in the Brexit-backing Tory party is a mystery to us

The UK? “A Remain country.” Brexiteers? “They’re wrong.” Where they come from? “Not terribly pleasant.”

Why did they vote out? “They’re ­uncomfortable in their own skin.” It’s delusional and demeaning.

Who does this unelected non-entity think she is to lecture 17.4 million Brits? And quite what she’s doing in the Brexit-backing Tory party is a mystery to us.

Does she realise it’s her arrogant attitude that meant she and her establishment mates lost in 2016? Clearly not.

Precious few Europhiles have given any thought to the reasons behind the 2016 vote. Instead they smear just over half the country as backward-looking and beyond help.

Even Michel Barnier seems to think it’s because we’re pining for the days of Empire, rather than to take control of our laws and borders.

If the Second Referendum crowd really think Britain is about to change its mind — despite the huge number of votes for the Brexit Party last week — they need to think again.

Every time people like Wheatcroft open their mouths, they give one more reason we’re better off out.


Not feesable

IT is naive to think education is free.

Those who don’t go to university should not be subsidising those who do

So the idea that you could deliver university courses without somebody paying just isn’t realistic.

Tuition fees are necessary. The way they are paid back means youngsters who are bright enough can afford it in the long-run, without ever truly crippling them with debt.

But nobody should be arguing that those who don’t go to university should be subsidising those who do, any more than they already do.

There are some universities charging full-whack for sub-par courses, and because almost everybody is charging the maximum students don’t have much choice. The “market” the Government hoped for has never truly developed.

But the real answer to our skills crisis?

Supercharging vocational education, and giving kids the skills for the 21st century’s technological revolution.


Gas you like it

THE Government is right to demand service station operators are transparent about pricing.

Motorway service stations will not be required to be transparent about their prices
Getty – Contributor

They’ve been ripping off motorists for years. But the real villain at the pumps is the Treasury.

It’s all very well saying fuel tax has been frozen. But drivers know it’s still far too high.

Something for the Tory leadership candidates to think about… 


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