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BBC presenter says Boris' slump in polls means he's ‘less likely to compromise on Brexit’


According to the leading market research company in the UK and Ireland, a poll has claimed the Labour Party has seen a substantial gain compared to the Conservatives whose approval rating has continued to decline since the outbreak of COVID-19. BBC presenter Lewis Goodall believes this will make and Brexit “compromise” from the government “even less likely”.

The poll results, which looked at Westminster voting intention, claimed only 43 percent will vote Conservative, a decline of nine, compared to the 38 percent who would vote for Labour, which increased by eight.

Mr Goodall said regarding the results: “Three months since last IPSOS poll.

“Seems to confirm all the others. Very substantial Labour gains but Conservatives so far ahead to being with they’re still in front overall.

“Question is whether Brexit/culture war still gives them a floor at 40ish or if there’s further to fall.

“In the hope that latter is still there, this continued polling decline makes any Brexit compromise from government becomes even less likely.”

Since leaving the EU officially back in January, negotiations between the UK and the bloc have failed to make significant progress.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, negotiations were stalled and a new deadline was suggested.

Today (June 12), the UK government formally notified the EU it will be leaving by the end of the year – repeating the Prime Minister’s message that the UK will not seek an extension.

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Michael Gove told Brussels that the UK has no intention to extend the transition period, which expires on December 31.

His warning came in the last Joint Committee meeting between the UK and EU before the final deadline to delay negotiations for up to two years at the end of the month.

Mr Gove said the decision to reclaim Britain’s sovereignty from the bloc would be vital in the country’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.
The intervention has prompted Brussels to agree to intensify Brexit negotiations across the summer.

The results from the IPSOS poll also revealed Labour Party leader, Sir Keir Starmer scored the highest satisfaction ratings ever of an opposition leader on record, equalling Tony Blair’s record of +31 in Dec 1994.

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Labour goes from the opposition leader with the worst ever ratings to one with tied best ratings.

Earlier this week, a YouGov poll also revealed a large decline in support of the Conservative government.


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