BBC Radio One DJ 'faced Ofcom probe' after disgruntled stalker alleged he was 'favouring' certain records


A BBC Radio One DJ “faced an Ofcom investigation” after a disgruntled music PR boss alleged he “favoured” playing certain records on his show, a court heard.

Daniel Carter, former lead guitarist for Bloodhound Gang and host of Radio One’s Rock Show, was one of seven music industry professionals stalked and harassed by Paul Norrington.

Norrington, 39, of Disbdury, Manchester, was said to have launched a “revenge plot” against the individuals who he believed had “mistreated” him during his time in the business.

His targets were falsley branded “demented stalkers”, “suspected paedophiles” and “failed musicians”, Manchester Magistrates Court heard.

Prosecutor Danielle Allanson said Mr Carter “faced an Ofcom investigation and had to attend meetings with them”, after Norrington accused him of playing records on his show of which he had a particular interest in.

However, Ofcom said it did not have any record of a complaint or investigation into Mr Carter and only had powers to investigate the BBC after April 2017. 

It is understood the claims were flagged internally to Radio One, which looked into the allegations and found the show fully complied with BBC guidelines. 

In a statement read out at court, Daniel Carter said: “He was insinuating that I was a paedophile.


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