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BBC Weather: Extreme heatwave to return to UK within days as temperatures surge to 35C


The extreme heatwave that swept across Britain this week is set to return next weekend, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. Forecasts show the temperature reaching as high as 35C next week, as temperatures jump by over 10C in just a few days. This comes after the UK experienced its third hottest day on record on Friday after temperatures reached 37.8C in London.

BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor told BBC Breakfast viewers that August will get off to a baking hot start, with temperatures passing 30C by next weekend.

He said: “After that exceptional heat we all experienced on Friday, it has certainly turned cooler this weekend.

“However, we still have some sunshine around and when that sun is out, the weather will feel quite pleasant.”

Taylor showed a temperature chart of Nottingham, which revealed temperatures will stay around 19C on Sunday and Monday, before suddenly jumping to 29C and 30C by next Friday and Saturday.

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He explained: “In the second half of the week, temperatures are set to climb across the country once again.

“Once we hit Friday and Saturday, we could be in the very hot category once more, especially across the eastern half of the country.

“Today it will be warm when the sun’s out, cooler when the cloud is around. Some clouds will bring some showers today, with the weather wettest in Scotland and northern England.

“There could be outbreaks of heavy showers across Northern Ireland into the afternoon while at the same time, some of these showers could turn to thunderstorms in Scotland.

He said: “August could rescue summer. Computer models suggest a very warm or hot period from Thursday, lasting for as long as mid-month. 35C is possible again.”

This is all due to a 700 mile-wide ‘African heat flare,’ which could even trigger a 10-day heatwave in the UK.

The Met Office has also forecast “deja vu” days of sweltering heat next week – plus further “very warm spells” later in August.

Before then, weather forecasts agree the UK could experience a number of rainy and cloudy days early next week before the 700-mile plume arrives.


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